Are There Really Euthanized Cats And Dogs In Pet Food?

The possibility of cat and dog remains being used as an ingredient in pet foods is, to say the least, completely disturbing. The fact that no pet owner on Earth would ever feed their pets with food that contains euthanized shelter pets is why pet food manufacturers vehemently deny this possibility.

Yet, the fact that there is a basis for claims like these is more than enough to make you shudder with disgust and anger.

So, what is the real truth? Is this just an appalling urban legend or spine-chilling reality?

Well… It depends on who you chose to believe.

The main reason why rumors started to circulate in the first place was the presence of barbiturates in commercial pet food. The fact that barbiturates, or phenobarbital, are used for humane euthanasia of cats and dogs made some veterinarians and animal activist dig deeper into the issue. Concerns and doubts grew only stronger, so the FDA conducted a research of their own.

To sum up their “extensive” research, they did found barbiturates in some pet foods. When they tested the DNA found in samples, the results indicated that there were no feline or canine remains in the ingredients, and that concluded their research.

But… When did you ever hear of cattle or livestock being euthanized with an expensive drug like barbiturates?

It just doesn’t add up.

The most recent case of barbiturates in pet food happened this year when Evanger’s canned food killed a number of pets and harmed many more before being recalled.

The product in question was marketed as ‘premium, tender beef roast… 100% Whole Beef Cooked In Its Own Juices’. When it was determined that Evanger’s food contained phenobarbital in such high ratio that it actually killed a number of dogs, they did a DNA testing, and it turned out to be horse meat.

First of all, can anybody explain to me how the food labeled 100% beef actually means horse meat?

Second… Do you know how much phenobarbital it takes to kill one horse? Let alone as many horses there were, allegedly, used to make this food. In a world where profit is the main goal, nobody would spend a fortune on humanely euthanizing their horses, just to sell their remains for a cheap price to be rendered into pet food.

Officially, the FDA claims that shelter animals are not found in pet foods. But, FDA also claims that many chemicals and ingredients used in pet food are completely safe, when they cause cancer, heart disease, and many other life-threatening conditions.

Without the possibility to have documented proof that this abhorrent practice is at large in the pet food industry, I can’t claim with certainty that pet food contains euthanized pets.

It’s on you to approach the matter from all the angles and make the decision for yourself.

Concluding this story, there is only one question I want you to ask yourselves, whether or not there are cat and dog remains in pet food.

Can you trust an industry that allows a pet-killing drug to end up in pet food?

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