You Will Not Believe This Is What You Feed Your Pet

Insider Scoop: Food That Is Making Your Pet Sick

A well-balanced, wholesome diet is the foundation for optimal health, both for us and our pets. But, when it comes to our furry friends, creating a meal plan that’s nutritious and healthy is not an easy task.

I mean, who of us really feels like an expert in pet nutrition, right? So we rely on famous, trusted brands to deliver complete, well-rounded meals for our furry family members, just like they promise to.

But, simply picking up a bag of kibbles because it says natural and balanced on the label is not going to help you provide the best for your furry friend.

As a matter of fact, it’s more probable it will do exactly the opposite.

There have been studies that have found a connection between pet diet based on commercial food and numerous illnesses, both acute and chronic. And I’m not talking about recalled pet food, which often caused immediate death of the pet, but about pet food, we routinely feed to our dogs and cats.

The reason? Profit is placed before pet’s well being.

The ingredients used for making commercial pet food are, in the best case scenario, low-quality and misrepresented. In worst case scenario, they include components such as feces, dehydrated garbage… and even remains of euthanized shelter animals!

Even with the horrifying ingredients such as these excluded from the mix, the devastating effect of commercial food on your pet’s health is not changed. High levels of grains, meat industry byproducts and various chemicals that are on most dry and wet food ingredients list are more than enough to do some serious harm.

The inadequate sources of protein (did you know that wheat protein counts as protein in pet food?), fillers in form of starch and grains, and dubious origins of the ingredients are what will cause your pet’s health to deteriorate.

Here just a few of illnesses that have been linked to commercial pet food:

  • Urinary Tract And Kidney Diseases

Both cats and dogs fed exclusively with dry food are much more likely to have problems with kidney stones, UTI, and kidney disease as they get older.

  • Obesity

What’s advertised as ‘balanced’ food is actually nowhere near the word balance. The poor-quality ingredients and high levels of grains lead to obesity, and obesity leads to a myriad of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer.

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Food intolerance, specifically that to carbs and grains which commercial pet food has in abundance, is what often causes IBD. Even though the inflammation of intestines is scary enough by itself, what’s even worse is that prolonged inflammation leads to life-threating conditions like secondary organ degeneration and GI cancer.

  • Allergies

When you consider how man harmful ingredients are constantly being sneaked into their food, is it any wonder that cats and dogs often develop allergies? Resulting in hair loss, open wounds, incessant scratching and extreme discomfort, allergies will significantly lower your pet’s quality of life.  What’s worse long-term treatment with suppressants such as corticosteroids can lead to diabetes mellitus and Cushing’s disease.

The list of diseases caused by commercial pet foods just goes on and on. And not to mention its impact on already present health problems, such as arthritis or periodontal diseases.

The math is simple. What you save on buying commercial pet food, you’ll make up in veterinary bills.

So, in the end, is risking your pet’s health really worth it?

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